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UnmuTED: @TEDxUniversityofLeeds
(Environment, Innovation & Life)

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19th September 2023


UNmuTED: @TEDxUniversityofLeeds (Environment , Innovation & Life)

After years of virtual meetings and social distancing, the phrase "Hi can you hear me, am I still on mute?" has become all too familiar. That is why this year's TEDxUniversityofLeeds event is centered around the theme “UnmuTED:”. We want to explore how to re-discover and find those lost connections.

As a society, from wars to pandemics - we have been tested time and time again. In a world that is constantly changing, it is easy to lose touch with our surroundings and ourselves. It's time to take control; through this event, we'll be exploring how we can rebuild our communities, create meaningful connections, and appreciate the simple pleasures the world has to offer.

From the power of human touch to the importance of listening, our speakers will share their insight and experiences on what it means to be human and have human connections. Our goal is to inspire and empower our audience to take action, connect with each other in meaningful ways, and make a positive impact on the(ir) world. Let's amplify what Leeds has to offer and to show the world that we are here, and we are ready to be heard.

Let's get ready to regain control and get unmuted.